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Speak UP

2020  |  Season 1  |  14 Episodes

Relationship coaches, athletes, corporate CEOs, TV personalities, community advocates, authors, and mentors take the stage to speak before a live audience, all while being filmed for global streaming TV. Now LIVE on Amazon Prime Video!


Success Magazine calls Simon T. Bailey one of the Top 25 people that will help you change your life. He believes an urgent conversation needs to take place to educate everyone that Women are the Spark!

Ep 1: Simon T. Bailey - Women Are The Spark

Lori Devillez shares the encouraging way we can all impact our culture in standing for the purpose of life and assisting those in need.

Ep 2: Lori DeVillez - Exploring the intricacies of

Ep 3: Sara Wolfe - Electrolysis Hair Removal For All

In this educational session, Electrologist Sara Wolf talks about why we have unwanted hair and the best options for 100% removal.

Allyson Byrd is a speaker, mentor, and expert whose work has touched tens of thousands of business owners in more than 27 countries around the world.

Ep 4: Allyson Byrd - The Label of Success

Today, more than ever, we need humor in our lives. Humorist and attorney Dave Heilmann shares how humor can change our lives - IF we’re willing to put it on trial.

Ep 5: Dave Heilmann - Humor on Trial

Michele Collins is an entrepreneur, comedian, and former sales executive. Her resilient style of attacking life and laughing at her dysfunctionality will bring you back to a reality of humanity.

Ep 6: Michele Collins - How Comedy Heals Trauma

Teri Goudie’s approach to communication includes a five-step method that is designed to help a speaker control the variables and get the very best outcomes. She offers an engaging infrastructure that can be used in presentations, panel discussions, meetings, investor calls, and media interviews.

Ep 7: Teri Goudie - The Power of Authentic Voice

Reflecting on her experiences in the White House and while providing strategic communications and public affairs counsel to multi-national corporations, Merrie Spaeth teaches us how to carefully manage our message in all types of situations.

Ep 8: Merrie Spaeth - How to Influence What People Remember

Yes & Yoga helps to create positive daily habits that add up to create a more productive and prosperous life. Join David and Adi as they take you through step-by-step how by changing a few simple daily habits we have the ability to transform our lives for the better. 15 minutes a day can change your life.

Ep 9: David Ahearn & Adi Bachan - Yes & Yoga

Sherry James, PMP has experienced devastating tragedies in her family. In this episode of SpeakUP, she encourages us to have the difficult conversation about mental health and suicide prevention.

Ep 10: Sherry James, PMP - One Death, Many Lives

Age groups and generations come with their own stereotypes, but Shawn Johnson teaches us what we all should know about multi generations in the workplace and how we can participate in a more cohesive, collaborative work environment.

Ep 11: Shawn Johnson - Blending the Best From Each Generation

DiDi Wong shares a personal story of how using strategic techniques she turned a stranger into an ally and offers tips on how you can, too.

Ep 12: DiDi Wong - How to Turn a Stranger Into an Ally

Adelaide shares the secrets to influencer marketing and why partnering with Influencers is crucial to build your brand’s credibility, to reach untapped audiences, and ultimately increase sales.

Ep 13: Adelaide Freeman - Increase Your Credibility and Sales Partnering With Micro Influencers

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