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Speak UP

2020  |  Season 2  |  10 Episodes

Relationship coaches, athletes, corporate CEOs, TV personalities, community advocates, authors, and mentors take the stage to speak before a live audience, all while being filmed for global streaming TV. Now LIVE on Amazon Prime Video!


Dr. Wayne Pernell reminds us that our imagination cannot be reliant on external influence. While in our youth, we know that possibility abounds and as we get a little older, what’s possible is trained out of us. The rules meant to guide us only dampened our acknowledgment of doing, having, or being anything we desire.

Ep 1: Dr. Wayne Pernell - The Power of Being

Have you ever had something you wanted more than anything, and you felt like you just couldn’t reach it? No matter how hard you tried, it just kept slipping further and further away from your grasp? It is time to Live Out Loud, it is time to Thrive, and it is time for YOU to JUMP into Your GREATNESS. Let’s GO!

Ep 2: Krystylle Richardson - Jumping Into Your Greatness

Ep 3: Darrell Stern - You Are a Gift to the World

Tap into your gifts and live in the joy of knowing you are a gift to the world.

Dr. Irwin’s passion to help women gain control of their bodies (specifically, their bowel, bladder, and vaginas), stems from her personal battle to gain self-control beginning in her teenage years.

Ep 4:Teresa Irwin - Take Control of Your Vagina!

Stephon was an inner-city black kid with no structure or educational foundation Now as an educated teacher, successful businessman, inventor, trainer, author and most importantly an accomplished coach, Stephon wants to encourage the masses "If I can you can."

Ep 5: Stephon Leary - They Call Me Coach

Quantum physics requires a new way of thinking including how human consciousness works. What’s the implication of that in terms of results in your life and business? It has an implication of exponential improvement instead of incremental gains.

Ep 6: Amy Lin - Taking the Quantum Leap

Life comes with its many challenges that many of us are not fully equipped to navigate successfully. The way we respond to traumatic situations can either propel us to a strong thriving life or keep us stuck in a destructive cyclic mindset. Feyi shares three important lessons that will help anyone that has gone through traumatic situations heal and thrive and help others around them heal too.

Ep 7: Dr. Feyi Obamehinti - The Healing Response

Through pain anyone can find their purpose. Life does not happen to you, it happens for you. Think about your life, and the most painful moment - through stories Jeff shows how your story can impact millions and his journey to teach others how to make an impact that leads to income.

Ep 8: Jeff J Cunningham - My Dreams Keep Me Awake

Businesses cannot run successfully without growth. And to grow a business you need to grow the people who run it. But how do you do it? And who will be open to be developed and who will reject it? The Hierarchy of Human Development was created so leaders could immediately identify the strengths and the weaknesses of their people. 

Ep 9: Josh Lewis - The Hierarchy of Human Development

Speaker Erik Swanson teaches you 3 major Habitude Warrior Principles to get up each morning and conquer each and every day with an amazing and AWESOME attitude. Don’t allow others to determine your mindset. He shares techniques in developing the Habit of a great Attitude and allows you to harness your true Assets for true Awesomeness! 

Ep 10: Erik Swanson - Assets to Awesomeness

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