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Speak UP

2021  |  Season 3  |  12 Episodes

Relationship coaches, athletes, corporate CEOs, TV personalities, community advocates, authors, and mentors take the stage to speak before a live audience, all while being filmed for global streaming TV. Now LIVE on Amazon Prime Video!


From the most accurate kicker in NFL History, to hitting a Lifetime Game-winner. Your true Hall of Fame trophy is within, where nothing can diminish it.  It’s not the brightness of the spotlight on you, but the intensity of the Light within.

Ep 1: Nick Lowery - Powerful Purpose

Ready to live an elevated life? Join Shenal as she weaves together her story, science, and spirituality to awaken the powerful co-creator of miracles within each of us. Learn her 3 step A.T.M. process to creating and living an abundant life!

Ep 2: Shenal Arimilli, M.P.T. - A Formula for Miracles

Ep 3: Clara Capano - Burnout/Breakdown/Breakthrough

Letting people know that burnout and breakdowns happen. They are not alone AND they can find a way through them but redefining Success and implementing 4 simple tools to Breakthrough.

Having spent the majority of his life following orders from Commanders and Vice Presidents, Gary realizes that life is not just about following goals set by others and decides to set his own goal of starting a private equity company. 

Ep 4: Gary MacDermid - Set Your Goals, or Someone Else Will

Life Coach Jennifer Blair shares how she transformed the narrative of her own life to inspire others and how this practice can empower people everywhere. She offers tips on how to rewrite your story so that you can reach your full potential and live your best life too.

Ep 5: Jennifer Blair - How to Rewrite Your Story

Following a complete rock bottom where she struggled with depression and PTSD, she turned her life around through therapy and meditation. From that moment on, she dedicated her life to understanding human potential. 

Ep 6: Sorana Pascariu - How To Be Extraordinary

Why is it that some people exude confidence while it seems fleeting for others? How do you remain confident in the good, the not-so-good, and the unexpected? Taylor shares personal stories of moments of confidence and 5 tips to help you find and remain in yours.

Ep 7: Taylor Cole Longacre - Remain Confident 

How do you incorporate mental health management into your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives?

Ep 8: Sherry James, PMP & James H. Pogue, Ph.D. - The Mentally Healthy Diversity Program: Legend or Legacy?

It doesn’t matter what has happened to you: You have no less worth than anyone else – and you deserve to be cared for. Inner value rests in you; it is your core, your personality. All you have to do is pay attention to that, and you will see how incredibly important you are.

Ep 9: Tristan J Helm - Increasing Internal Importance

By the time he was 20, Keenan Williams was addicted to cocaine, living in abandoned houses, was in and out of jail over 45 times, and shot six times. Fifteen years later, Keenan is an entrepreneur and well-respected motivational speaker, sharing his inspirational story and bringing encouragement to those who've lost hope.

Ep 10: Keenan Williams - The Power of Purpose 

Meredith Allan shares life changing principles that support people in embracing change and thriving in uncertain times.  She shares several stories where she teaches the gifts found in adversity, and how shifting our mindset can alter the course of our lives. Ultimately Meredith takes her audience on an interactive journey to understand that there is always opportunity and Magic in Change.

Ep 11: Meredith Allan - The Magic in Change

Speaker Jon Kovach Jr. teaches you 3 mastermind principles and methodologies to rising above daily challenges, getting unstuck, and leading others to victory. Belief, accountability, and true grit will accelerate your successes and create a life full of victories. Jon shares nail-biting stories that teach powerful lessons in becoming a life-long winner. 

Ep 12: Jon Kovach Jr. - Becoming Unstuck 

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