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Speak UP

2021  |  Season 4  |  10 Episodes

Relationship coaches, athletes, corporate CEOs, TV personalities, community advocates, authors, and mentors take the stage to speak before a live audience, all while being filmed for global streaming TV. Now LIVE on Amazon Prime Video!


Learn how leadership can influence others and provide the perspective that they need to be able to overcome fear and move passed obstacles to achieve their dreams. Are we building up and casting a vision to offer the right perspective? Or are we criticizing and tearing down? Only one of those choices yields the right results in the end. Welcome To Flying!

Ep 1: Jarrett Ingram - Welcome To Flying

While there are circumstances in our life that are undoubtedly out of our control, we understand that the way we react to life, our mindsets, and our habits can lead to a more desirable future in business, as well as in our personal lives. What can we do to harness the power of possibility in our lives?

Ep 2: Yamilca Rodriguez - Harnessing the Power of Possibilities

Ep 3: Michael Duvert -  Get your $hit Together

Do you have enough savings for any emergency? What does your cash flow look like? you have multiple streams of income? Do you have enough insurance in place to protect family assets against any unexpected events? 

Mindfulness coach Christine Erickson shares an experience when she missed an opportunity and created her own suffering. She’ll share how YOU can increase your power through awareness and acceptance, and take advantage of small but significant opportunities in the here and now.

Ep 4: Christine Hains Erickson - Hidden Opportunities

Playing small is a symptom. A symptom simply indicates the existence of something else. Many times, that “something else” has been keeping us from our higher purpose, that thing we were “meant” to do. The Dis-ease of Playing Small explores one such “something else” and 5 immediate steps to healing.

Ep 5: Tracey Brown - The Dis-ease of Playing Small

How do you define success? What is your big vision? What obstacles have you conquered or are challenged with currently? Dr. Shellie will prove through her Ball Gowns to Yoga Pants that what you desire in your career and life can be manifested and that as she always says, “Inspiration is just a story away!

Ep 6: Dr. Shellie Hipsky - Ball Gowns to Yoga Pants

How to shift from being defined by the outer-world, to aligning yourself with who you truly are on the inside, regaining your sense of self, clarity, confidence, and prosperity. The lack of love, and what that looks like, transformed into fully embracing and loving oneself through healing physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually resulting in freedom, inner-peace, love, and joy.

Ep 7: Erin Ley - Empowered By Change 

We all have a Unique Divine Purpose on Earth. It is our Duty to stay laser focus to use the right tools and strategies to make our dreams a reality. Learn that greatness is the fruit of laser-focus discipline, Determination, Drive, and Decisions supported by  persistence and concentration to each your final destination and meet your best self.

Ep 8: Moirar M. Leveille - The Will to Live: Own Your Life, Mind, Body, and Spirit

Using wisdom from her experiences, Susan has elevated joy, love, wholeness and success while being true to herself.  She now guides women to have this same success while awakening them to their deep inner calling to live lives complete with fulfillment, authenticity, transformation and purpose-driven desires.  

Ep 9: Susan Elizabeth Huber - Running Away From Myself 

The majority of people live from a place of “shoulds” instead of the life that they truly desire, the thing they feel they must do. Steph shares a 3 step process to finding your passion, purpose, path and to unleash your genius machine.

Ep 10: Steph Shinabery - How to Wake Up Your Genius Machine

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