The Focus

2019  |  Season 2  |  4 Episodes

Host Taylor Cole Longacre talks with inspiring leaders, visionaries, entrepreneurs, authors, and entertainers about their business ventures and what’s propelled these leaders to greatness.  

TIffany Hendra is a TV host, empowerment coach and a former cast member of the Real Housewives of Dallas. Tiffany gives women the nudge they need to step out of their comfort zone and take ownership of their dreams, but there’s often not a “testimony” without a “test”, one leaving Tiffany face down in her Hollywood Apartment.

Tiffany Hendra

David Wilk is a Founding Member of the Four Day Weekend Comedy Theater, a completely interactive improv comedy show in the Dallas Fort Worth Area. Wilk has performed over 6000 live shows, as well as travels nationally emceeing corporate events for the “who’s who” of the Fortune 500. According to Wilk he is simply “a funny...entrepreneur”. . .

David Wilk

Michelle Pitre

Michelle Pitre once bedazzled thrift store boots on her mom’s living room floor. Michelle worked tirelessly to establish her brand, with Google as her only partner and mentor, and scoured the internet for the perfect manufacturer leading her to create a one of a kind boot know as The Original Pink Sole™. Now, Michelle dedicates her time to giving . . .

Lori discovered she had a heart for the 100,000 plus students of the University dense city of Austin, Texas shortly after she moved there in 1997.  Her vision for a pregnancy center adjacent to the UT campus was realized in January of 2005 when the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center became a reality.  In March of that year, Lori became the executive . . .

Lori DeVillez